The Vampire Tarot 5/5 (1)


The Vampire Tarot ties the tales and mythic figures associated with the vampire legend to the equally iconographic figures and forms of the tarot. This book explores the history of the vampire starting with Bram Stoker’s classic 1897 novel, Dracula, as well as those writings that inspired Stoker and the vampire lore that derived from it. Stoker and his most famous work were both closely tied to the classic Rider-Waite-Coleman tarot.


Now, author-illustrator Robert M. Place brings these two mythic traditions together with this extensively researched book that guides the reader through the subtleties and parallels within The Vampire Tarot, providing a guide for getting the most out of reading.


Sure to delight not only tarot devotees but the general fan of the vampire mythos as well.

Deck Creators: Robert M. Place  

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press  

Publishing Date: 2009

Deck Theme: Vampires

Art Movement: Contemporary

Art Technique: Digital Art

Deck Status: Out Of Print




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