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Old Parchment Tarot 5/5 (1)


Deck Creators: Roxana Paul  

Publisher: Self-Publisher  

Publishing Date: 2016

The Old Parchment Tarot by Roxana Paul is themed of Sola Busca Tarot, the oldest complete deck in the world, painted in Venice in XV century. A set of 78 astonishing cards with profound symbolism and characters from classical antiquity. The cards absorb and illustrate esoteric traditions of the Greek and Roman civilizations. The pip cards are adorned with sophisticated and everlasting images of gods and heroes. The deck is a gateway to alchemical and Hermetic knowledge of the Renaissance epoch.

Cards are hand-drawn and designed to look like aged.

Deck Theme: Classical, Esoteric, Gods/Goddesses, and Heroes

Art Movement: Modern

Art Technique: Digital and Pencil




Deck Status:

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