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New Babylonian Tarot 5/5 (7)

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New Babylonian Tarot is a full 78 card tarot deck. Following the Smith-Waite composition and applying colourful Babylonian images, the cards create a particular inspiration for a Tarot reader. The standard sized, gilded edged cards are printed on high-quality stock and come in a beautiful, sturdy two-piece box with a 120-page book “Divination Manual: The Sacred Mysteries of Babylon.” The path traced by the book takes you from ancient knowledge of the universal order to the Chaldeans’ magical rituals to enforce your Tarot reading. Come to Babylon, the cradle of divination, with New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul.

Deck Creators: Roxana Paul   Victor Paul  

Publisher: The Rising Sun Publishing House  

Publishing Date: 2018

Deck Theme: Ancient, Cultural, Divination, and Gods/Goddesses

Art Movement: Contemporary

Art Technique: Digital and Digital Art

Deck Status: Limited Edition



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