Chakra Wisdom Tarot 5/5 (2)


Throughout Tori Hartman’s work as a seeker, teacher and psychic, she has been continually asked how to apply the Chakra Wisdom system to the tarot deck. Even as a committed tarot user, the time had not been right to make that application-until now.Taking the core ideals of the Chakra Wisdom system-intention setting, personal growth, trusting your intuition-and the seven-chakra structure and applying it to the traditional 78-card tarot system, Chakra Wisdom Tarot is a tremendously insightful and powerful manifesting tool. This deck and its exercises allow the user to seamlessly create what they need in their lives. Honouring the deep tradition and heritage of tarot, Tori’s application of the Chakra Wisdom system to this structure is one that will trigger personal insights, intuitive paths and a powerful awareness of how to manifest the things needed to reach the goals of the modern world. Its overlay of the seven chakras on the Minor and Major arcana is seamless, with The Fool serving as our guide and avatar through the deck.

Deck Creators: Tori Hartman  

Publisher: Watkins Media  

Publishing Date: 2019

Deck Theme: Chakra and Guidance

Art Movement: Contemporary

Art Technique: Digital

Deck Status: In Print




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