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Deck Creators: Megan Lynn Kott  


Publishing Date: 2019

Are you seeking guidance right meow? Trying to make sense of your past, purresent, and future?

Seek answers in the cards with a new tarot deck led by the oldest symbol of wisdom, divination, and inspiration: the cat!

Cat Tarot offers guidance and insight directly from our feline companions in a fresh, entertaining update to the classic RiderWaite tarot deck, combining authenticity with a cat-friendly sense of humour. All the familiar cards are given a feline persuasion – the Hanged Man now the Hang-in-There-Kitty, the Devil now a devious dog – with suits to match – pentacles as kibble, cups as food bowls, wands as feather wands, and swords as claws. With Megan Lynn Kott’s stunning illustrations and signature humour, this colourful set features the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, as well as a guidebook with directions on how to conduct a reading, interpretations for each card, and more, ready for both experienced and new tarot readers alike.

Deck Theme: Animals

Art Movement: Contemporary

Art Technique: Cartoon




Deck Status: In Print

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