Submission Guidelines and FAQs

Submission Guidelines

  1. Rights: All registered members (collectors) can submit a deck listing to the catalog.
  2. Authors: The authorship on the listing automatically belongs to the first author who submitted it. It cannot be changed. The author of the submitted content is displayed below the published post.
  3. Updating: If you want to update/improve the listing, use the Contact Form .
  4. Curating: While the listing is published right after the submission, the admins check out each listing before its final placement into the database.
  5. Removal: The published listings cannot be removed by the authors.
  6. Copyright: The rights on images, logos, and descriptions are held by the individuals and companies represented in the listing, and the person making submission might not be associated with them. If it is a case, ALL possible efforts should be made to credit the actual right holder (creator, publisher or manufacturer) – links to their personal/company websites or Wikipedia source should be displayed.


Decks Submissions

There are three public catalogs:

  1. Tarot Decks
  2. Oracle Decks
  3. Playing Card Decks

For each catalog, an individual submission form should be filled

  1. Check out the listing in the catalog before submission. Double entries will be deleted.
  2. Required fields: These are the fields marked (*) in the form. They connect your listing with the database search. They are obligatory to fill out; otherwise, your listing would not be visible in the catalog. If you have no these data (for example the feature image or deck status) but want your listing to be included, use the form “Consider a Listing”.
  3. Self-Published Decks: When filling out the Publisher’s field choose “Self-Published”, do not type the creator’s name here.
  4. Collaborative decks. If there are more than 3 creators, we consider these decks collaborative. List the creators’ names in the description and choose the option “Collaboration of Artists” in the Creators Field.


Submissions to the Directories

Our Directories:

Public Directories (available for free search by any user on the website):

  1. Deck Creators
  2. Publishers
  3. Organizations (museums, guilds, associations, etc.)
  4. Deck Manufacturers

Private Directories (accessible only by logged in users)

  1. Collectors (Collectors have individual profiles on the platform. They can upload their own avatars, profile background image, and enter information about themselves).


Article Submissions

  1. Min 500 words to qualify as an article.
  2. Feature image – square, 500x500px min.
  3. Uploading images to the content field: insert images’ URL


Submission FAQs


I’ve just submitted a deck. Has it been published already?

Yes, your deck is published in the Catalog immediately. You will see a confirmation message on your screen.

THE COLLECTION OF CARDS The Universal Collection of Tarot, Oracle, and Playing Card Decks


I don’t understand how to fill out the publishing date field.

In order to unify all entries, the publishing date allowed is a year of publication only. Enter the four-digit number.

THE COLLECTION OF CARDS The Universal Collection of Tarot, Oracle, and Playing Card Decks

I don’t have a Youtube video of the deck.

Leave this field blank. We reserve the right to fill out this field for you when a suitable video is found.



I checked the listing in the catalog. Why are some data missing in my listing?

Some data are very important to have your listing appeared in the search. These are creators, publishers, deck themes, art movements, art techniques, and statuses. These data are interlinked within the catalogs and directories in the database. To avoid abuse of the database we reserve the right to double check these data. All submitted info will appear in the listing after our editors look at your submission.


I submitted a deck, but I want to make some corrections because of mistakes or omitted information. How do I access the listing?

There is no direct access to your own listing or listings made by other users. Please send us an email ( with the missing data and link to the listing you want to correct. If you wish to make an input on the listing without substantial corrections (for example, the deck is gone out of print but listed as “in print”), use Comments field on the listing page.


I am a creator of the deck that is listed in the Catalog, but I did not submit it.

Any registered user can submit a deck to the catalog. Most likely they are the rightful owner of the printed deck copy you created. If you want to modify the listing (change texts or photos), use the contact form to let us know. Please, be aware that we will not change the authorship of the listing in this case. That said the person who has submitted the deck in the first place will remain the author of the listing even if you corrected it. However, if you insist to be the author of the listing of the deck you created, you can resubmit the form with your own data and give us a link to the earliest entry to be removed in the Notes to Editor’s field.

This applies to the submissions to the Creators, Publishers, Organizations, and Manufacturers Directories also. Actual creators, publishers, and manufacturers can resubmit the form with their own information and request to remove early entries. Please let us know if this is a case in the Notes to Editor’s field at the end of the form.


I’m a creator and want to submit the information about myself into the Creators Directory. How can I select or list the decks I created if they are not in the database yet?

No worries. Just leave the fields with the decks you created or published empty. The database works both ways. When you complete submissions of your decks, they will be listed automatically on your creator’s page.


Request a Revision

If you find that

  • a listing has outdated or incorrect content;
  • you have info to add;
  • a picture is missing;
  • there are some mistakes

use the Contact Form. Our editors will look into this matter.