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Vera Sklyarova is an elderly lady now so she has a lot of Tarot and oracle experience behind and she can be respected just for that. (Not much is known or written of her so what I found are just scrapes of knowledge). She possibly lives in Yekaterinburg (former Sverdlovsk) – a big city in the Urals. Nowadays, most of the master classes are held in Moscow so she is often visiting the capital for book presentations or Tarot festivals. Vera Sklyarova is considered a master of many esoteric disciplines, she has been writing books and holding classes about different mantic tools and skills – Tarot (including her own decks), runes, numerology, I Ching (Book of Changes), magic (black magic/protection spells). I did not see the notices of her Lenormand classes though – may be she is not into Lenormand. As for Vera Sklyarova’s decks, she has other interesting projects except Tarot decks mentioned above – Tarot of the Holy Bible, Tarot of Shakespeare, Tarot of Demons. That’s not all, I think she is an author of more than 10 Tarot decks!


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