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Roxana Paul is an exhibited artist, internationally recognized Tarot
designer, and illustrator. Mediums include oil and digital. She created her own
brand style, mixing realism with mystical elements. Many of Roxana’s works draw
upon her interest in mysticism, self-development and spiritual transformation
with particular attention to the Tarot theme. Roxana Paul is a creator of the
Maori Tattoo Tarot and the Venetian Carnival Tarot decks and she is working
currently on the Sacred Mysteries of Babylon Tarot deck. She believes that
there is no essential difference among Tarot decks because all of them hold the
magic power of Tarot spirit, and an artist is a messenger only to bring new
elements for better understanding of the Tarot system. To develop her
abilities, she applies meditation, spell work, and natural healing. Roxana Paul
now makes her home in Adelaide, Australia where she lives with the family.


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