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Maria Distefano is an Italian artist born in Naples in 1965. Her father transmits her passion for art and history. She quickly affirms her penchant for fantasy and magic , and transcribes it in her works . She studied art in Naples, and after graduation she became a graphic designer . Later, in 1989, she moved to Venice, and devoted herself to decoration.

In 1996, after discovering the work of the English artist Arthur Rackham, she decided to take classes in drawing and watercolor , with Stepan Zavrel and Arcadio Lobato. This will mark a real turning point in his life as an artist. From then on, she becomes an illustrator and expresses her art freely (books, novels, magazines, newspapers, posters, etc.). She participates in competitions and receives many awards. Maria Distefano exhibits in Italy and abroad.

In 2008, she illustrates the Tarot of the Circle of Life , then the Tarot Heart , published by Lo Scarabeo.

Today she does workshops of illustrations , painting , theater and reading for children and adults.


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