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Please read the rules below before trading.

The Collection Of Cards Classified Marketplace Rules


  1. The Classified Marketplace is intended to buy, sell tarot, Oracle, and playing cards (new or used decks), as well as related books from private collections only.
  2. Links to external resources to buy decks are supposed advertising and is forbidden.
  3. Promoting unrelated items, tarot reading, and other services is forbidden here.
  4. Negotiating, offering, and pricing is at the discretion of sellers and buyers.
  5. Sellers must state clearly prices and decks’ conditions, post real photos of decks offered for selling or swapping, and indicate prices.
  6. Buyers must provide sellers with clear shipping instructions.
  7. All negotiations must be managed via private messages on the platform.
  8. All transactions (and possible claims) must be performed via PayPal.
  9. Check a seller’s personal profile before buying any item.
  10. The decks reproduced with any breaks in the copyright are not allowed for sale here.
  11. The Classified Marketplace is not responsible for transactions that don't go as expected, but we do our best to fix any undesirable situations (send a message to the admin to report it).
  12. We recommend to check your listing on the Classified Marketplace after submission. If you want to add something, use "Comment" section.
  13. If you want to be notified about comments on your listing, tick the box in the end of your listing.
  14. After completing a transaction mark your post as "Sold" in the “Comment” section.
  15. To submit your offer fill in "Submit a Listing" form.
  16. Members who do not follow the rules 1-9 will be banned from the platform.

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