The CollectionOfCards platform was created by an independent group of Tarot cards collectors, publishers, and artists to promote collecting cards within the global network community:

  • Bringing more clarity and transparency to collecting through excess to the Universal Catalog of cards
  • Promoting best practices in collecting via posts, quizzes, articles, and e-books at the platform;
  • Improving cooperation within the community through catalog’s maintaining, knowledge sharing, and peer mentorship.

Our Community Values:

  • We believe that art is a crucial element of cards collecting, but the number of decks is increasing at the expense of its quality. Our aim is to enhance the quality of art in cards.
  • The global collectors’ community is divided into countries and regions. We bring collectors together.
  • There are limited opportunities for collectors to monetize their hobbies. We help collectors to grow their collections in an efficient manner.

Welcome to the CollectionOfCards community, a new world of cards collecting!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the CollectionOfCards platform?

The platform is a dedicated community and social network for cards collectors, publishers, and artists. It is also a technology-based facilitation system intended to ease collecting.

2. What are the pros of the platform?

There are plenty of benefits to using the platform such as 24/7/365 access to the Universal Catalog of cards and educational materials, as well as social engagement opportunities. Besides, the platform is constantly growing and adding new features that make it more and more convenient for our members.

3. Do accounts on the platform cost anything?

Opening and maintaining accounts are free for all members of the CollectionOfCards community.

4. Do creators, publishers, and manufacturers have separate administrator and user accounts?

The CollectionOfCards platform has no distinction. We do offer user accounts within the platform that are managed according to the submission instructions (see Submission Guidelines and FAQs).

5. Do other people see the CollectionOfCards Catalog?

They do not need to have the CollectionOfCards account to view the catalog, but only members of the CollectionOfCards community are able to add decks in the catalog. The members have also several privileges and services on the platform.

6. What about privacy on the platform?

You can make your account on the CollectionOfCards platform public or private. In this way, you can operate on the platform without being observed by other members. The platform provides members with an inbuilt private messaging system.

7. How does the platform manage confidential information?

Confidentiality is our responsibility. We develop policies and techniques to collect, monitor, and distribute personally identifiable information. All these measures fully comply with the law.