Valuing and Pricing Your Collection 5/5 (3)


Tarot collector tarot collectionWe are all seduced by the value of our collections. There is nothing wrong with a high emotional estimation of our results, but in real life, it is better to add some knowledge to the valuation. To determine the market values of each deck in your collection, you have to take into account several values embodied in the cards:

  • The symbolic value in the form of embroidered symbolism creates deeper meanings in Tarot and Oracles cards, making them attractive for knowledgeable collectors.
  • Hedonic value shows how collectors perceive the purchase of decks as pleasure and gifts for themselves.
  • The artistic value of a deck as a piece of art depends on the quality of the artwork, making card collecting related to fine art collecting.


To estimate the quality of artwork in collectable cards the following metrics are in use:

Originality – the extent to which the artwork is original.

  • Innovation – in which measure the work employs new creative ideas.
  • Excellence – how the artwork is widely regarded as the best of its type in the world.
  • Imagination – the extent to which the artwork uncovers new possibilities.
  • Inquisitiveness – the degree to which the artwork derives curiosity in the collectors’ community.
  • Readability (for Tarot only) – how artwork is accepted by Tarot readers.

Besides the quality of the artwork, market prices of decks depend on the reputations of its creators, and themes. The latter may be in or out of current fashion. The last but not least factor is a collector’s perception of a deck, which can be rational or emotional, as well as a mix of them.


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