The Collectable Cards Market Could Be Better 5/5 (2)


Over the years the Tarot and Oracles collectable cards market has continued to grow due to the growth of modern paganism, New Age, Theosophy, and other contemporary esoteric movements. Millions of professional and amateur Tarot readers, life coaches, counsellors, and even psychotherapists employ Tarot cards within their practices. Demand stimulates supply, and many artists create and self-publish new decks, accelerating this market development. The practices of trading and swapping cards, as well as communications within the collectors’ community, have become more democratic, and the whole market is in desperate need of transparency and liquidity.


In terms of the collecting process, the following problems need to be solved:

  • Managing multiple-item card collections can be difficult and time-consuming for collectors, requiring unnecessary skills for the systematisation
  • Information about a deck in print is only available from mass publishers, while information about new small print runs is difficult to find.
  • Finding rare and out-of-print decks isn’t easy because there is no one source for this information as well as any centralised resources for collectors.
  • The estimation of a deck’s market value is a tricky task for collectors, and there are no price catalogues

Tarot collector tarot collection

Just imagine a better market, with easier navigation, information about all decks that are open for all collectors, and transparent prices. Within such a market:

  • Artists can demonstrate their decks online, giving the investor a chance to evaluate the artwork and decide how new decks fit into the existing collection.
  • Discovering these artists, the collector has a convenient way to contact them directly without any intermediaries.
  • The collector has a tool to estimate the quality of art in the decks and is ready to make a justified decision to invest in these decks.
  • The collector trusts artists because the financial transaction is in protected mode, and the delivery of decks is guaranteed.


And such an imaginary market is coming due to the technology development and the trend of globalisation.


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