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Tarot collector tarot collectionTechnology can simplify collection management, facilitate connections within the global collectors’ community, improve valuing and pricing accuracy, and secure financial transactions. The new millennial collectors are tech-savvy, more adventurous, and try to discover new forms and methods of collecting that fit their needs and expectations. They wish to make decisions freely instead of collecting within prescribed rules and do it online from their mobile devices.


There is no doubt that the internet and global digitalisation are changing cards collecting, but the process is contradictory:

  • The art market is overcrowded with new decks, but appropriate information about them is non-systematic and scattered among different websites on the internet.
  • While the traditional brick-and-mortar printing and distribution system are dying globally, incumbents continue to prevail within the cards collectable
  • The internet proposes open-access to the universal online trading platforms but they don’t fit the collectables cards’ specifics.
  • Supply and demand for cards are growing, but there is no appropriate internet infrastructure for the market’s effective digitalisation.

Tarot collector tarot collection

The advantage of the application of the coming technology for collecting of the Tarot, Oracles, and other cards:

  • The collectors’ community will discover the new valuable intangible assets: transparency, trust, network effects, investment knowledge, and
  • Online purchasing, selling, and swapping of cards will grow with lower transaction costs, accelerating the market development.
  • Crowdfunding provides new decks’ start-up funding, giving an extra kick for the market’s acceleration.
  • Collecting itself will become easier and more efficient.


In general, technology brings digital wholeness, expanding beyond the traditional marketplaces to improve and accelerate collecting globally.

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