Digital Management of Cards Collections 5/5 (2)


Tarot collector tarot collectionWith some exceptions and nuances, the key processes of your cards collection management include:

  • Organizing your collections according to classification systems.
  • Estimating your collection’s strengths and gaps.
  • Analysing potential purchases against the scope of the overall collection.
  • Planning how to grow your collection via concrete purchases and swaps.
  • Estimating a budget and forming a step-by-step collection building plan.
  • Planning the weeding (regularly removing irrelevant decks from your collection).


The above ‘classical’ (and time-consuming) collection management can be significantly enhanced due to digitalisation of the procedures:

  • Developing more effective selection procedures with the use of digital images of your collection and forming digitally pre-existing parts of the collection.
  • Generating further knowledge about some prospective items in your collection that are represented temporarily by digital resources.
  • Estimating the value of the prospective parts of your collection that are currently in digital form.
  • Representing, sharing, and discussing the prospective parts of your collection with peer-collectors within the collectors’ community.
  • Correcting initial plans of purchasing and swapping decks before making some wrong decision in reality.

Tarot collector tarot collection

In this way, digitalization allows modelling reality to capture better patterns of building your collection. It works as an interpretation and navigation system that customises and personalises the whole process.

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