12 Milestones in Cards Collecting for Fun and Profit 5/5 (1)


Three main trends are reshaping the modern cards’ collecting world: globalization, digitalization, and the changing collectors’ generations from boomers to millennials. And the millennial collectors have brought fresh ideas of a sharing economy, a strong spirit of collaboration, and belief in the principles of transparency and trust. Clearly, cards’ collecting is entertainment, but the economic principles also work there. Ideas of collecting for fun and investing in cards with an intention to make your collection profitable complement each other.


Have you ever searched through bookcases stuffed with hundreds of decks, thinking about how to fix up your collection? Do you think that your cards collection is valuable, but you’re not sure how much it costs? It is an offence to collect cards without clearly understanding your preferences, strategies, and budget! Well, it is not an offence, but it should be. Without knowledge of the collection economy and skills of collection management, your collecting will likely fall short of desired results and will also become unreasonably costly and time-consuming.


Card collecting for fun and profit is a holistic process that reconciles three basic motivations that underline your collecting passion: pleasure from hoarding decks, enjoyment from your findings as pieces of art, and cold assessment of its investment potential. These three motivations exist in a unique combination forming a vehicle that drives your collecting. And the path to success is marked with twelve milestones:

  1. Perceiving how the quality of artwork in cards creates a masterpiece and how symbolism embroidered in cards make them attractive for knowledgeable collectors.
  2. Familiarizing yourself with basic strategies to make well-determined decisions within a collecting process.
  3. Comprehending different preferences and attitudes that determine collectors’ behaviour, to buy, sell, and swap cards effectively
  4. Grasping the main traits of the Millennial epoch, including a focus on the social impact, collaboration, formal and informal social networking, etc.
  5. Understanding the collectable cards market, meaningful concepts behind the prices formation and trends.
  6. Realizing cards collecting as an Investment when the collection feeds itself and brings systematic income to knowledgeable investors.
  7. Understanding the current collectable cards market problems, including difficulties to manage multiple-item collections, a lack of market transparency, etc.
  8. Knowing the pillars of the card collecting economy, including the main concepts of supply and demand.
  9. Using technology to purchase, sell, and swap cards in an easier and more efficient way with lower transaction costs.
  10. Developing digital management of your cards’ collection taking into account intellectual property issues.
  11. Valuing and pricing your collection to determine the market values of each deck to reach a desirable profit.
  12. Sharing knowledge within the global mutually-dependent and mutually-beneficial card collectors’ community.


The Tarot Collector's Investment Guide by Victor Paul

All 12 milestones are described briefly in 12 articles (click any to read) to guide you in cards collecting. For more detail tap into “The Tarot Collector’s Investment Guide: Collecting for Fun and Profit” which is available here

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